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From the Executive Director's Desk

Nirupama Mundada

As we transition from an era of specialization and technique to a century of connectivity and relationship, management education, like every other profession and institution, is being called upon to demonstrate its relevance to society . As we embark on the ambitious journey of attaining the standards of global excellence, we are well-poised to contributing to the exciting growth story of ‘New India’, through management education programs that are not only exacting in rigour and relevance, but are also current with context and contemporary in content.

We are setting for ourselves, with every passing year, new heights to scale and tougher benchmarks to achieve. We try to exemplify the fact that sky is not the limit inthe pursuit of excellence.

  • Dynamic & Reliable.
  • Complex & Elegant.
  • Individualized & Interconnected.

The women of today is truly a force to reckon with and at IIMHRD we have realized this and are doing our best to make their dreams come true. Throughout their time with us the Program provides opportunities for members to assume high-visibility leadership roles that allow them to test, hone, and demonstrate their leadership skills in a real-world environment. Women have a high degree of self-confidence, a strong sense of their life’s purpose, and a passion to succeed in all that they do.

We are often reminded that business leadership is a race. At IIMHRD, we redefine “race”. We teach Resilience, we foster Adaptability, we value Courage and Conviction and Compassion. Enthusiasm is embedded in our vision. We encourage Entrepreneurial thinking. It will be a journey of self-discovery, skill development and preparation for you to be a successful business leader.

Our program is designed to nurture value-based future business leaders, capable of managing complex cross-functional needs of the industry and focusing on the human capital- the most important asset of any business. The unique curriculum and its delivery will complement your learning, transform your thinking, challenge your views and empower you to be a future business leader with a broad, inclusive perspective and that leaders are valuable contributors to society at large.

Best Wishes
Prof. Nirupama M. Mundada
Executive Director