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IIMHRD - Sai Balaji Group
International Institute of Management & Human Resource Development (IIMHRD)

Empowering Women Leaders, Shaping Tomorrow's Success


At the International Institute of Management & Human Resource Development (IIMHRD), our vision is to empower aspiring female management students to become physically fit, mentally robust, and professionally competent individuals. We aim to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to assume leadership positions in the industry and society of tomorrow.


Our mission at IIMHRD is to provide holistic and industry-oriented management training to our students. We are committed to their overall development, ensuring that they evolve into highly skilled professionals by the end of their chosen management program. Through a comprehensive curriculum, practical exposure, and personalized guidance, we strive to foster a transformative educational experience for our students.

At IIMHRD, we embrace a set of core values that guide our every endeavor:

Cultivating Character

We believe that true character emanates from within, fueled by an individual's self-chosen ideals of life. Alongside completing the syllabus, we prioritize the development of a culturally oriented character through regular personal inputs.

Excellence and Innovation

We strive for excellence in all aspects of our programs and operations. We encourage innovative thinking, embrace emerging trends, and adapt to the evolving needs of the industry, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the dynamic corporate world.

Collaboration and Success

We recognize the power of working together and the progress it brings. Our motto, "Coming together is a beginning, remaining together is progress, and working together is success," reflects our commitment to fostering a supportive and collaborative community.

Empowering Women

As an institution dedicated to aspiring female management students, we are passionate about empowering women with the education, skills, and confidence to excel in their careers. We celebrate their achievements, provide equal opportunities, and champion gender equality in the global business landscape.

These core values serve as the foundation of IIMHRD’s educational philosophy, shaping our programs and creating an environment where students can thrive academically, professionally, and personally.